UG and MS: I am always interested in working with students. However, time commitments make it difficult for me entertain all requests. Priority is given to students I have interacted with before through courses or other opportunities. Additionally, you must have taken at least two statistics courses to work with me.

I am unable to accept any UGP/Project requests for 2022

PhD: Email me.

PhD Students

Former students

MS Students

  • Suchismita Roy, PhD Statistics, Duke University
  • Arkajyoti Bhattacharjee, PhD Statistics, Ohio State University
  • Dilshad Imon, PhD Statistics, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Sanket Agrawal, PhD Statistics, University of Warwick
  • Uttiya Maji, JPMorgan Chase

BS Students

  • Lakshay Rastogi
  • Vansh Bansal
  • Pramodh Gopalan
  • Vivek Kumar Singh
  • Jaspreet Singh Oracle
  • Neha Chauhan Microsoft
  • Nitin Garg Graviton Research Capital
  • Aditya P. Singh (BS-MS), JPMorgan
  • Gunjan Jalori, Google, India
  • Ayush Agarwal, MFE, UC Berkeley
  • Medha Agarwal, PhD Statistics, U of Washington
  • Kushagra Gupta, MS Statistics, Stanford University